Beautiful Like the Sun – A Poem

* This poem is for Rachael on her Birthday. Lots of love and light to you today!



When I first met you,

I was struck by the light

that emanated from you.

There was a thrum of joy

that came from you,

spilling out into the world

around you that could not fail

to brighten anyone’s day.

If I looked carefully,

I could see it flowing from you

like rays from the sun,

as if you were at the centre

of a bright and cascading

sea of light that shone so brightly.

As I got to know you more,

I could see other tendrils

that came from you,

joining the brightness

that already flowed so beautifully.

There was the yellow of joy,

the purple of wisdom,

the blue of knowledge.

I saw tongues of red that showed

a great passion for life,

orange that sang of your creativity,

pink that spoke of your tenderness.

You are all of these colours

and more, always changing,

always moving, always shining.

You are beautiful like the sun

and to look upon you

is to know the trueness

of light.

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