Even Now – A Poem

Even now,9

when I look at you,

I can hear the leaves.

It is not the clatter of leaves

after a heavy rain,

laden down with moisture.

Instead, it is the rustle

and whisper of leaves

dancing in air that is

thick with heat.

When you took my hand

as we said our vows,

I could hear them

falling all around us.

As we danced,

I could hear them

sliding along the floor

as we moved in time

to the beat of our hearts.

I looked for them,

but could not see them.

When you hold me,

I can hear them

swirling around us,

encircling us as if dancing.

Even now,

all these years later,

you still fill me

with beautiful light

that has only grown brighter.

When you tell me that

you love me,

and we share a kiss,

I can hear them

riffling through the air with joy.

When the kiss ends,

I turn to look out at the sun.

I can see the leaves filling the sky,

flying up into the air,

carrying our love

into the clouds.

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