Cloud in My Hand – A Poem

Cloud computing concept

I can feel

the storm gathering

within me, an

unexplained torrent of

emotion that has

no name or

cause. It builds

within me the

whole day, begging

for release. It

has become too

big for my

body to hold

and I watch

as white vapour

starts to slide

from my fingers.

I watch with

fear as the

tendrils of mist

start to gather

strength and substance.

They start to

form oblong shapes

within my palms

and I hold

them up to

stare at what

is becoming inside

of my grasp.

When the thunder

comes, it is

louder than should

be possible. When

the lightning snaps

along my skin,

I grow even

more frightened. I

know what this

is and try

with all my

might to pull

it back within

me, the thunder

letting out another

bellow that seems

too loud for

the size of

cloud I have

created. I focus

and the clouds

in my palms

begin to shrink.

I breathe out

a sigh of

relief when a

woman’s voice says:

“Now why are you doing that?”

I look up

and see a

woman dressed in

a long white

dress. She gestures

at the clouds

in my hands.

“What else am I supposed to do with it?”

I ask her.

She gives me

a small smile

“Why, let it out, of course. It wants

to be free.”

I shake my

head, tears running

down my cheeks.

“I’m angry all the time lately.”

I tell her.

“I’m always so angry. I just don’t know

what to do.”

She gives me

a sage and

knowing look. She

holds out one

of her hands.

“It’s okay, to be angry.”

She says softly.

“Anger can pass like a swift wind,

of a powerful storm.”

She reached out

and took one

of the clouds

from my hands.

She held it

up so that

I could see it.

“After every storm, there is

always a rainbow. You need to

let the anger go and hold

on to the rainbow instead.”

The little cloud

let out a

bang of thunder

and a tongue

of thunder. The

cloud I still

held let out

an answering rumble.

“Let the anger go, but hold onto

the rainbow of emotions,

the joy, the happiness, the hope.

Hold on to those.”

I watched as

the cloud she

held grew larger.

I nodded decisively.

“I know what I have to do.”

I let my

small cloud grow,

pouring all of

my anger and

all of my

rage into it.

It grew and

started to float

into the sky.

The cloud that

she held rose

up to join

mine and they

seemed to dance

in the sky

as they rose

higher and higher.

There was an

earth shattering boom

followed by large

tongues of lightning

that slid along

the sky. I

looked up and

watched as rain

began to fall,

small pearls of

glass that slid

over my skin,

washing away the

tears. The storm

went as quickly

as it came.

When the clouds

I had created

dissipated, a double

rainbow as if

the sky was

rejoicing and celebrating

right along with

me. I looked

for the lady

in white but

she was gone.

Where she had

been standing, I

see a small

star, made out

of crystal. It

shines in the

half light of

day as if

it is made

of rainbows. I

pick it up

and feel as

if I am holding

a piece of

the sky.

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