On the Island – A Poem


There are many times

when I feel like

I am on an island.

The skies are grey

and bereft of sunshine.

A sea of people surrounds me

but something inside

keeps me separate.

I am not like them,

for I carry something within me

that marks me as different.

Yet, there are many times

when someone extends their hand

to reach me on my island,

to help pull me to safety,

or to join me in my home

that sits on top of the water.

I am still moved

when this happens,

still shocked when others

remind me that I am not alone,

that human kindness does exist.

In that moment,

I watch as my island

begins to grow

little by little

as if stretching itself free.

Soon, it is so large

that I can go anywhere

that I choose to,

There is an island

inside of me,

but light and kindness

will always help me

to find my way


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