Live on The Couch!


I had the immense pleasure to appear on The Couch, an online radio show ran out of Cornwall Ontario.

Its hosts, Shannon and Erica, were lovely and absolutely magical. We talked about my writing and my current release Lust and Lemonade, what it was like to be gay in the world today and many other subjects

Shannon and Erica were enthusiastic and wonderful hosts. You could tell that they loved what they did and that came through in how they interacted with me. Being on their show was an absolute joy. Even better, they have invited me back!

It was such a blast and so much fun being on the radio. Even cooler? They took a live video of the whole thing! So, you can watch the whole thing. Just click the link below, hit play and sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy The Couch.

Or you can listen to my appearance on The Couch by clicking play below.

You can learn more about the show by visiting

Thank you to Shannon and Erica for having me on. It was an absolute blast!

couch banner

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