Dear Jann – Thoughts on A Jann Arden Christmas Concert


Dear Jann Arden,

I had the immense pleasure of watching you preform at the National Arts Centre last night for the second night of your Jann Arden Christmas concert.

In 2014, my boyfriend at the time got tickets for your Everything Almost tour. I spent the entire concert waiting to hear you sing You Love Me Back. From the moment I had first heard the song, I thought immediately of my boyfriend, Michael. I had looked so long for love that I had given up trying. When I met him, it was like a forgotten wish had been granted.

When you sang You Love Me Back during your encore, I remember looking over at him thinking that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Flash forward to three years later: My boyfriend is now my husband and the best parts of my day are when I get to wake up beside him and fall asleep beside him. We walked down the isle to You Love Me Back. We both felt such a connection to the song because it reflected our love so perfectly. Our wedding song was an easy choice.

When I heard you were going on tour doing a Christmas concert, I knew that it would make the perfect gift for two of our friends, both of whom have never seen you in concert. We got tickets for all four of us.

I couldn’t wait to see you again. I love how genuine you are. I knew that the show would be full of Christmas music mixed with your hits. I thought it would be an enjoyable evening and, at the very least, put me in the Christmas spirit.

What I wasn’t expecting was to feel more emotionally moved then the last concert. You sang so beautifully, and you were so incredibly funny. I loved how you acknowledged the band and the orchestra. I loved how, even though we were in a theatre filled to the brim with a thousand people, it felt as if you were singing directly to us.

You sang all your hits and then some and plenty of Christmas songs. You took us on a journey. You connected to us though your songs and your words and your art and I am forever thankful to you for that. At one point towards the end of the concert, you sang “I Would Die for You”. I squeezed my husbands hand and he squeezed mine back. We were both thinking the same thing, that we had finally found a love deep enough for that song to take on a special meaning.

Thank you beyond words for such an amazing and emotionally moving evening. Thank you for your words and your music and your songs which have meaning to so many people. Thank you for giving me the gift of joy. I left your concert feeling upbeat and very much looking forward to spending the Christmas season with family and friends.

With thanks and gratitude,

Jamieson Wolf

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