The Journey That Has Become My Life – A Poem

The journey thatsmaller

has become my

life has taken

me on many

twists and turns,

the path guiding

me over hills

and into gullies,

past gardens and

meadows that sat

alongside abandoned buildings,

their windows crushed

into glittering sand.

The journey that

has become my

life has led

me over oceans,

to the top

of the highest

mountain, through a

wasteland that was

filled with burnt

trees. It was

while climbing that

mountain that I

debated whether I

could go any

further, whether there

was a point

to the constant

journey, any purpose

in continuing a

journey that seemed

to get me

nowhere. I sat

at the top

of that mountain

and looked at

the world around

me, at the

water that flowed

through the earth,

intend on its

own path. The

sun was warm

on my face

and I felt

something fall into

place inside of

me, as if

it had been

waiting for that

moment of realization.

I sat there,

the sun warming

my skin, and

realized that I wasn’t

on a physical

journey. Looking around

me, I realized

that all these

different places, both

the lush gardens

and the shadowy

abandoned buildings covered

in diamond dust,

existed within me.

The journey that

I was on

was inside of

myself, as I

got to know

myself, and my

spirit, all over

again. As I

continue along my

path, I can’t help

but wonder what

sights I have

left to see.

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