Mother’s Are Made of Wonder- A Poem

* Happy Mother’s Day to my Wonder Mom. I love you!Mothers are magic


When I was young,

I learned the love of stories from you.

You showed me the magic

of delving into other worlds

in order to find pieces of myself.

You would mend my cuts

with just a kiss or a touch or your hand.

When I was older,

I learned the love of writing from you.

You showed me that I could

create my own stories

and my own worlds in which to live.

You were a fount of wisdom and your words

guided me through a world that was

strange and frightening,

but you showed me that the world

shone from within the shadows if I was willing

to look for the light.

Now that I am older still,

words continue to flow from me,

my own kind of magic.

You have taught me to live a life

that is full of magic and one that is completely mine.

There is so much you have given me,

so much of it beyond the physical.

I know now that you are made of wonder.

It is your wise words I hear inside of me,

it is your strength I carry within me,

it is the courage that you instilled me with

that has helped me thrive into the man

I’ve become.

I have you to thank for this

and for everything you have given me

and all that you have made possible.

You are made of stardust

and you are everything


All I can do is give you my love

and hope that it is magic


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