You Are My – A Poem

You are my Penguin,Swans

helping me step across

difficult terrain and

making sure my every step

is true.

You are my Beaver,

and together we have

built a home that weathers

every storm. You give me

only safety.

You are my Swan,

and you have helped me

to look into the water

and into myself to know

only beauty.

You are my Wolf,

standing by me as we

venture through the dark forest,

showing me that there is nothing

to fear.

You are my Goose,

helping me to fly beyond

all that I thought possible,

and to achieve

my dreams.

These animals all share

a bond that lasts

for life just as we do,

taking each moment that we share

as the gift that it is.

You are my gift,

Husband, Lover, Friend;

You are everything that

I’ve dreamed of

and more.

I am so

thankful for


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