The Little Yellow Book Launch!

little-yellow-magnet (1)I had my Little Yellow Book Launch last night!

What a perfect celebration for Little Yellow Magnet. There were tons of people and many books were sold. More than that however, the night was a celebration of love and the power of choosing to live.

I’ve never had a book launch and I’ve written over sixty books, so I really wanted to have one for Little Yellow Magnet. It was an event that was two years in the making. I’m so thrilled that so many people came! Food was had and enjoyed and there was laughter and joy.

The room was silent when I read three chapters from Little Yellow Magnet, one from each part of the memoir. It’s an honour to know that I’ve written something that moves people so much and that connects with them.

Either way, what a joy it was to celebrate my book last night. Thank you to everyone who came and made the event so special. Check out the photos below!

The book is available from Amazon at:

You can also get it on Kobo here:

Autographed copies are also available! Just contact me at Jamiesonwolf at to request one.

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