The Fearless One – A Poem

Tula Love youWhen my life was

at its lowest point,

I found you.

You came to me

and gave me so much love

when I had none

at least not for myself.

My life was darkness

when I met you,

and though you were black as night,

you filled my life

with a light brighter

than the sun.

I named you Tula.

The name meant

The Fearless One.

It described you perfectly

as your spirit

lived beyond your body.

You brought so much light

and so much love

to my life.

You taught me to be fearless

as I worked

to put my body back together.

You taught me to defend myself

against those that

would hold me back.

Just as I needed you,

you also had need of me.

Tula, you were so small,

but you were never vulnerable.

Just as I saved you,

you saved me.

You gave me back the light

that had been missing

and my spirit connected

with yours.

During that dark time,

you gave me something

to live for,

something to care for

and something

to love.

Thank you for what

you gave me.

Though you are

now far from me,

I carry you in my spirit

where a piece of you


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