Starlight, Starbright – Release Date!

Starlight, Starbright_700x1059I’m so excited! My new romance novel has a release date! It’s coming out on October 15th, 2019!

Here’s a bit about the novel:

Jackson is a writer. He is used to living out his fantasies of true love and magic in the worlds that he creates; everyone knows that magic doesn’t happen in real life. His roommate Clarke tells Jackson that she’s worried about him and he should live more.


Before going to bed, he wishes on a star for love, true love. The next morning, a man appears at his door, bringing with him a particular kind of magic. Will this fallen star be able to show Jackson love?

Or will his idea of what love can be remain on the printed page?

Stay tuned for more info but I’m so excited for you all to be able to read this novel! It’s sexy, funny and fabulous.

You’ll be able to buy it from and all online book retailers. 

Go ahead, make a wish…

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