The Colour of Your Light – A Poem

dancing queen

This poem is for Alexandra for her Birthday!


At first,

I thought that the room was covered in rainbows.

It was only afterwards that I realized

the rainbows were coming from you.

You’ve always been this source of light,

shining so brightly from within.

Your body acts as a prism,

helping the light to fracture

into beautiful,

iridescent colour.

I have known you through many highs and lows and,

through everything,

I’ve watched the rainbow of you change.

At your happiest,

you emanated every colour,

arching across the sky in a riot of reds, purples and golds.

At your lowest,

you shone out with blues, darker mauves and forest greens.

I watched as the light within you

has grown so that when you enter a room,

we are all in your grace,

all of us blessed by the light of you.

At that moment,

with the room around us filled with colour,

I looked down at the rainbows and the light that came from you

and I basked in its warmth.

It was filled with the love with which you look at everything,

the kindness you approach every person.

Around us,

music played and as we swayed to it,

I could hear another sound,

softer and more subtle.

For a moment,

I watched the colours coming from you,

the arch of your light shining forth,

and I realized that the music was coming from the rainbows,

that the music was also coming from you.

You fill my life not only with light,

but with a soft music that calls me to dance,

to truly live life and experience every moment.

That is the gift of knowing you,

of being able to be in your light

and dance to the music that your light creates.


as the wheel makes yet another rotation,

I will celebrate all that you are

and the rainbow of colour that

you give to the world.

This year,

I will celebrate you

and the joy to be found

in the colours of your


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