Growing My Light

There are moments in my life

that I carry within me.


I flip through them

as if they were polaroid’s,

memories preserved in sepia tones,

the colour in them beginning to fade

around the edges.

There are some moments

from when I was growing up,

seconds caught with friends and family,

moments that I found with people

who brought me joy

within the dark.

I put those memories aside

and pick up a new box that glitters.

I hold the box gently,

almost with reverence.

I’ve held this box before.

As I take the lid off the box

so that I can look inside,

some of the glitter from the inside

spills on to my fingers.

I take the photos in my hand and,

as I flip through them,

I see your face in every photo.

We are with friends and family,

but my gaze is drawn to your face,

to the light that comes from you.

You are my joy within the dark,

the light that shows me the way.

As I look back through every moment

that you have given me,

I am reminded again why I love you

and why you are the light that shone

though the shadows.

I could see nothing but shadows

until you came into my life

to show me how much light was within me.

As I flip through each moment we’ve lived together,

the sparkles have multiplied,

covering every inch of me,

 so that when my light shines from within,

it reflects and shines and glows,

a multifaceted light burns so brightly.

I rub the cover of the box gently as I put the photos away,

my memories caught in time and stardust,

and slide the back on the shelf,

knowing that I will be back soon.

I turn from looking within me to look beside me.

You sit beside me

and I wonder what I did to deserve you,

what kind of intergalactic lottery I won

so that I can wake up to you every day

and fall asleep beside you every night.

I look at you and you take my hand in yours.

At your touch,

I can feel the sparkles within

beginning to multiply

and make my light grow


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