Together As One – A Poem

When we met,

pieces of the chalice

that was within my skin

would fall away.

I could hear them

clink as they hit the ground.

Despite my best efforts,

I would fall apart

when the wind was strong enough

to go right through me.

You tried your best

to hold me together

and to keep me

from falling apart completely.


I did fall apart,

what was left of the chalice

exploding outward.

You would gather me

in your arms

and I could feel your heart

through your chest.

My heart would match

the beat of yours and

we our hearts would

beat as one.

Even though you

have seen me at my very worst,

you are still able to see

the light within me

even when I’m not able

to recognize my own shine.

Not too long ago,

you came to me

with your hands outstretched.

In your palms

you held every piece of my chalice

that had been lost along the way.

I had no idea how you had found them,

or how long you had been looking.

With your gentle touch,

you put the pieces back

where they belonged.

When you slid the places home,

I looked down at my body

and could only see the scars.

You could only see the light

that those scars made visible.

When you held me close,

I heard your heartbeat once more

and my own heart as it

beat in time to yours.

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