Leaves, Light and Song – A Poem

The leaves surround me in the dark.

I can hear them even though I can’t see them

and they brush against my skin in a soft caress.

Each time they touch me,

I can see little flashes of light appear around me

filling up the dark with bright flashes of colour

even if it just for a moment.

The leaves are different colours:

reds and yellows, orange and deep golds

and the occasional purple hue.

I listen to their whispering

and the sound is comforting.

It is like they are trying to lead me

out of the shadow and towards something more.

I feel a hand take hold of mine

and suddenly all of the leaves light up,

each colour shining brighter than before.

There are more colours than I thought possible,

I can see deep burgundies, soft pinks,

the occasional orange and yellow leaf

that looks like a piece of the sun.

I look at the hand holding mine and it is you.

You hold my hand and you pull me closer

so that I can feel your heart beat against mine.

The leaves around us are not whispering now,

but singing around us, filling the air

with a song that reaches into my heart.

I realise that it is our music,

the music of the love that we have between us.

When you kiss me,

the leaves sigh happily

and the darkness is awash in light.

The shadows have lifted and,

as the leaves dance around us,

I realize that the light around me

is coming from within

and that the music I hear

is the music of our love.

When we kiss again,

the leaves let out a happy sigh

and float into the air,

filling the skies

with light.

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