Within the Diamond Sand – A Poem

Three simple words

hold so much within them.

These words are like diamonds,

full of multi-faceted brilliance,

each surface holding a memory.

When I say that

I love you,

those words hold the moment

when we first met six year ago;

my brain can’t comprehend

that it has been that long,

that so much time has passed

when it feels like it’s been

but a small handful of sand

within the hourglass of time.

When I tell you that

I love you,

the words contain the moment

when we first gave our hearts to one another,

the moment when we realized

that the spark within us

was indeed love.

When we gifted those words to each other,

it didn’t complete us,

but made us shine all the brighter.

When I whisper the words

I love you,

those words contain

what you have given me.

I have never been so supported,

so encouraged and so understood.

Amid the sandstorm of my mind,

you can see the parts of me

that shine brighter than the rest.

Each time you tell me

I love you

the grains of diamond sand within us

shine brighter than before

and the light of our love

will help to light our


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