Nomination and a Contest!

My novel Love and Lemonade has been nominated for the Best GLBTQ+ Book of 2019 by the Love Romance Café. How amazing is that? You can find them here:  Voting will begin soon but for now we are celebrating! What better way to celebrate than with a contest?

Three lucky winners will receive all the books in the series so far in the ebook format of their choice: Lust and Lemonade, Life and Lemonade and Love and Lemonade. You can read the Holiday prequel to the series for free by clicking here:

All you have to do is comment below with the answer to this question: What drink features prominently in the series? Yep, it’s that easy!

This contest will run from May 30th June 30th! I will pick three winners at random and those winners will get all the books!

Can’t wait until then to start reading? Well, my publisher, the lovely Renaissance Press, is having a Stay at Home sale! You can get 25% off your purchase! How awesome is that? Just use coupon code STAYHOME to get 25% your cart if they buy your books from Renaissance! You can do that here:

I’m so thrilled at the nomination for Love and Lemonade! Not only was it the end of several storylines within the series, it is also the first of my books to feature a character with a disability. In this case, I chose to write what I know and the character has multiple sclerosis.

Whatever happens, I’m honoured just to have my book recognized. A lot of work went into it and I’m so proud to have written it.

Don’t forget to enter my contest! It runs from May 30th to June 30th!

More news coming soon, but until then happy reading everyone!

4 Comments on “Nomination and a Contest!

  1. I’m guessing…lemonade!

    Congratulations on the nomination!

    • You are totally right! Send me your email address and what format you want the books in to jamiesonwolf at gmail dot com and I’ll have my publisher send you copies.

    • Yay! Lemonade it is! Send me your email address and what format you want your books in to jamiesonwolf at gmail dot com and I’ll have my publisher send out the copies to you!

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