The Descent Gets Reviewed!

‘Nathan Burgoine is an author I love. His novels and short stories are among some of my very favourites! Now I love him even more!

He’s been doing a wonderful series of blog posts about short stories. I love short stories and started my writing career with them and still write them today. One of my short stories was included in Nothing Without Us. The Descent features a wizard who is looking for a cure for his multiple sclerosis.

Well, how thrilled am I that Nathan reviewed it! He had amazing things to say:

Whenever I sit down to read a story from Jamieson Wolf, I get ready for the sparkle. There’s a kind of bright joie-de-vivre Wolf brings to his prose that’s infectious and bubbly, and honestly sometimes it’s the perfect balm. So when I got to his tale in Nothing Without Us, I was ready for some of that fictional glitter. And I got it, with a heaping dose of amusingly sarcastic wizard Jefferson on his way to meet with an oracle.

You can read the whole review by clicking here:

I’m so glad he loved it! Thank you ‘Nathan, so very much.

You can get your copy of Nothing Without Us, which is an aurora nominate book, by clicking here:

I hope you enjoy The Descent and all the stories in the anthology!

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