Heart Song – A Poem

I go inside myself.

It is warm there

and the sun is shining inward,

filling me with light and shadow.

As I walk further into myself,

I hear a sound.

It comes softly from the shadows

and as I walk towards it,

I see the shape of a man.

He lies on the ground,

curled up into a ball.

I walk towards him.

The light shifts

so that I can see him.

I am looking

at a part of myself,

the one that is lonely and isolated.

The part of me that is always afraid.

I look at the piece of myself

that has been hurt so many times

and I can see the bruises on his skin,

the hollow look in his eyes.

He sees me and looks into me.

His eyes are bright jewels in the darkness.

I kneel beside him

and I pull him into an embrace.

I rock him gently,

humming a sweet song

to ease his spirit

and comfort his heart.

I sing of safety,

of contentment

and an end to the pain

he has lived with

for so very long.

I sing of love

and tell him

that love is all we need.

As the song continues,

I can feel his tears

falling onto my skin.

They are tears of relief.

When the song ends,

I feel him let out a deep breath

that he had been holding

all this time.

I feel him let go.

As he begins to fade from inside of me,

I think of how long I’ve

carried him within me.

When he looks at me now,

I see the light within him

and I know that it

is reflected within me.

As he fades away,

giving me a look of joy,

the light is filled with stardust

and I make a million wishes.

I step out of myself,

knowing that they

have already come true.

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