The Keys to Light – A Poem

  • This poem is for Bev. Happy Birthday!

The light that you carry

burns so brightly.

Being near you,

our skin is bathed in gold

and we can feel its warmth.

However, we are not in normal times.

Now, as we remain apart,

I recall what you taught me:

“When I love someone, I tell them.”

That is a lesson that I have held on to,

one that I recall again and again

during this time that the world grieves.

When I think of the words

that you taught me,

I can picture you clearly in my mind

and I can feel warmth glow within me.

You have made a difference in the world

and within my heart.

You have given me

what I needed in order

to open my heart wide.

You have given me

the keys to light and love

and though they have no physical form,

I carry them within me.

Every time I tell someone

that I love them,

magic is born anew.

You have shown me

how to create magic of my own.

I am forever thankful

and I wanted you to know

I love you.

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