You: Magic, Light and Song – A Poem

  • For my Writing Sister Kimberlee on her Birthday.

You are made of Magic.

Wandering the world,

You bestow your gift upon the us

in the most amazing ways.

You can see into the spirit

of other people

and you can paint what is unseen,

spirit given shape and form.

You are made of Light.

As you wander the world,

You shine brightly

by just being You,

bestowing your light

upon everyone You

come into contact with.

You have no idea

how much your Light

makes the lives of others around you

better than they were before.

You are made of Song.

It cannot be heard,

but it is the song of your Spirit,

made by your Light and your Magic combined.

Your Song can be seen in the way

that others are calmed by your presence,

and how they are inspired by You.

The Song can be seen in your eyes

and within the brightness of your smile.

It sings every time you pick up your paint brush

to paint something beautiful

or when you pick up your pen and put it to paper.

You are made of Light, Magic and Song

and the world is brighter

because of you.

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