The Light Of Your Love – A Poem

Even now,

you have the power

to leave me breathless.

You are always able to see me

as I truly am and you love me,

even when I cannot.

You love the parts of me

that I hide in shadow

and you pull them out into the light

so that I can see myself completely.

You have taught me a language

that doesn’t need words

that I share only with you.

Just as you see all of me,

I see all of you and love you completely.

When I look at you,

I can see only light.

You have no idea

how the light of your love

has changed my life

and made it better.

My love for you deepens

with each passing day,

and every passing minute.

Throughout the journey

that we’ve been on,

we’ve done it together,

always walking beside one another,

supporting each other.

Every day with you is a gift

and all the moments in between,

the waking and sleeping

that links all those days together.

When I close my eyes,

I can see both of our hearts

beating as one.

There is a light that comes from them

and I can see that light

every time I look at you.

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