A Cozy Christmas at Bridge’s Bicycle Bakery by Alex Brown – A Book Review

Bridget is trying to hold it together.

After her husband Ted’s sudden passing, Bridget and her children Oscar, Olly and Freya are trying to cope without Ted in their lives. They have moved back to Mulberry-On-Sea for a change of pace and scenery but also because they really had no choice. Unable to afford their house after Ted’s passing, Bridget has moved everyone and everything they have back to the seaside cottage that used to be their summer getaway. It’s now become their home.

Bridget has fond memories of Mulberry-On-Sea and Carrington’s department store but hopes that the children will make their own memories here. Right now, Bridget is mainly concerned with making sure the children have a wonderful Christmas. It’s been a year since Ted died and their lives changed. She figures giving them kids a Christmas they can remember is one of the best ways to get some normalcy in their lives.

One of the ways that Bridget finds that normalcy is through baking. She finds the mixing of ingredients, the rising of bread, the smells that fill their new home very healing. It’s her way of establishing some sort of balance within her life. Baking always reminds her of home and the smells remind her of childhood. Baking is joy to Bridget.

A chance meeting with Jack, the barman at The Hook, Line & Sinker pub, brings further changes into her life. He is a complication that Bridget doesn’t need. He seems rude at first, but over time something between them starts to grow. Can she let him in to her life and her heart? Or will she be content with the memory of Ted?

Thankfully, this it’s almost Christmas and something magical always happens during the Holidays…

Once again, Alex Brown has written a compelling and heartfelt novel that left me with a feeling of the upmost joy. She has a way of writing characters that go beyond the page. By the end of the book, the people that fill A Cozy Christmas at Bridge’s Bicycle Bakery became friends and people that I know.

It was such a pleasure to see Georgie, Sam and Eddie, favourite characters of mine from the previous Carrington books, make a guest appearance in this book. It felt like a reunion and one that I was happy to be a part of.

Brown has a way of writing a book that goes beyond what I think of as women’s fiction. Despite my brief plot summary, this novel wasn’t just about a woman finding a new love in her life. This was about Bridget’s quest to find herself again in a life that has become unfamiliar without the man that she loved so completely. Throughout the book, Bridget takes steps to start a new life for herself and her children and the novel is all about her journey.

It seems that every time a new book by Alex Brown comes out, there is some part of me that needs some kind of healing. Much like Bridget, I’m trying to find my footing in a life that has become unfamiliar to me. As Bridget found her way towards her new self, something within me healed and as Bridget found joy, I felt that joy within myself begin to grow. Alex Brown writes novels that are so filled with joy that you can’t help but find yourself changed by them in some way.

A brilliant book with wonderful characters, a fabulous and heartfelt story and a little bit of Christmas magic, A Cozy Christmas at Bridge’s Bicycle Bakery is a true joy. I can’t wait to read it all over again.  

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