Arms Outstretched – A Poem

Once again,

we stand distant,

our hands held out to each other,

yet never touching.

This isn’t easy

and we aren’t meant to live this way,

with this constant yearning

for those we love.

Yet, even far from each other,

we hold on to the red strings

that connect us.

They are unseen by the human eye

but they are there, nonetheless.

Though we are apart,

we all find ourselves going

to the highest possible point

and lighting our flame

in the hopes that others

will see that light,

and know that we are thinking of them.

If you are missing me,

just take hold of that red string

that connects us.

You can feel my heartbeat,

reverberating along its length.

It’s my hope that you can feel my love for you,

and that my love will fill your world with light,

even if I am not there with you.

Just as you stand there with your arms outstretched,

know that I too am doing the same thing

and trying to make sure my light

is shining brightly

so that you can see me in the darkness

and know that you are loved.

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