I’ve Been Nominated! – Ottawa Awards 2022

How awesome is this?

I’m a nominee for the Faces Ottawa 2022 Awards! I know, right?

Every year, Faces Magazine runs an awards ceremony to celebrate the biggest and brightest in Ottawa!  

I’ve been nominated for Best Book of the Year (Beyond the Stone) and Best Author of the Year. Voting begins on January 6th

You can find out more here: https://facesmag.ca/awards/#//

This is an awesome way to start the week! More news as it comes, but get ready to vote on January 6th 2022!

2 Comments on “I’ve Been Nominated! – Ottawa Awards 2022

  1. Yaaaay! That IS fabulous news!! Congratulations WB!! An awesome way to start the new year! Do they have a comittee who nominates the authors–or do other authors nominate? Are there catagories? Well! I’ll def be ready to VOTE!

    • Hey WS! I nominated myself and was nominated by other people. You just never know if it’s going to be enough to be chosen as a finalist. Still, I’m thrilled! There are tons of other categories. Check out the link to Faces to see! 🙂

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