That Weightless Moment – A Poem

I was lost within your eyes

and I found myself

in your voice,

took comfort in your touch

the way that you put your hand

at my back to support me.

You let me place my hand in yours,

both our hands forming

a cycle made complete.

I was not searching

for completion,

but when we met,

I found the part of myself

that I didn’t even know I was missing.

I had never planned on being married again,

having done it once before.

I didn’t feel that I deserved

another chance; in reality

part of me didn’t want to ruin

the thing that was growing

between us, afraid that somehow

it would shatter and cover us

with a fine layer of glass,

but the more time

that I spent with you,

I knew that I wanted to

give half of my heart to you.

I didn’t know the words

to say such a thing to you.

When you said them to me,

spoke aloud those four magic words

(will you marry me?)

my heart and mind stopped,

just for a moment,

so that I could take in the beauty

that is all of you.

In that weightless moment,

I heard a song begin within

the depths of me.

It has grown louder in the five years

since we first got married,

a melody that fills every moment.

I can hear the sweet sound

of its song when I’m not expecting it,

a lilting tune that makes me think

of the wind and often,

I find that I’m dancing with it

without even knowing.

It’s taken me some time

to realize that what I’m hearing

is the song that we

have created together,

forging a note every time

one of us says

(I love you.)

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