Love That Story by Jonathan Van Ness – A Book Review

I just finished listening to the audiobook of Love That Story by Jonathan Van Ness. I absolutely loved this book. I got a copy in ebook, an autographed hardcover and listened to the audiobook.

The book is a collection of personal essays on everything from sexuality and addiction to imposter syndrome and overcoming body shaming. I was excited to read his new book as I had loved his last book, Over the Top, so much. I did wonder how much he would have left to say. Thankfully, he had a lot to say.

I learned so much about Jonathan Van Ness, but even more importantly, I learned a lot about myself. I learned to confront my own issues that I have with my body, steps that I could take to help with the grief that I carry, contemplate why I feel like an imposter when I do anything creative and to wonder what my own history was.

By bringing me into his life, Jonathan Van Ness helped me to look at my own. He taught me about his values and the life lessons that he has learned, and I found myself nodding yes to so much of his book. I saw so much of myself in the essays, and I learned so much about Jonathan and myself along the way.

I love reading the hardcover or ebook, but there’s something about hearing the words told in the authors own voice that just helped bring me further into the stories that he relates. Listening to Jonathan Van Ness read Love That Story out loud to me just brought me further into the book, giving me a much more personal reaction to it. I had the same thing happen when I listened to the audiobook of Over the Top: Observations from a Gorgeously Queer Life.

When I finished listening to the book, I found that something within me felt different, as if a small seed of light had been planted within. I have to take the time to see how this seed will help me grow and change as a person. This is the power of Jonathan Van Ness’ words.

I adore Love That Story. I laughed, I got emotional, I learned history and fell in love with myself again. Read this book and fall in love, too! I can’t wait to experience it all over again.

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