To Thrive in Darkness – New Short Story!

I’m so excited! My new short story is out! You can read To Thrive in Darkness by visiting Knee Brace Press HERE.

The story revolves around Roanne, a young adult who was born in a labyrinth. She has never known light or fresh air. She also lives with a chronic illness. It can be difficult to live with a chronic illness, but even more so within a labyrinth where you can barely see where you are going and you are always in fear for your life.

I’m not sure where the story came from. It started like all my stories do, with the first line: “We were friendly with the dark…” I had that line in my head for weeks before I knew what the story was about. I had already written a novel about the pandemic in a universe that was our own, but had been ravaged by a virus. It’s a huge and expansive book and it should be out later this year.

This time, I wanted to examine the pandemic from another angle, that of isolation. During the lockdowns and the waves of the covid virus, our lives were unsure and uncertain and nothing was taken for granted. Especially for me. Living with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy, my immune system is already compromised. I wanted to hide from the disease, but that fear was always around me, looming over me like a giant beast that I couldn’t see.

Roanne wanted to tell her story and I had to tell it. At first, Roanne didn’t live with a disability or a chronic condition, but in the end I knew that she was a mirror of what I was living through, a mirror of myself, so she shares a condition that mirrors my own.

The story took a few weeks to work on and the labyrinth that Roanne and her mother live in didn’t want to go away. Part of me is still in the labyrinth and I’ve grown friendly with the dark.

I hope you enjoy To Thrive in Darkness. Please feel free to leave a comment on Knee Brace Press or here on this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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