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Captain Maven and the Shadow Man – Chapter One

Chapter One Captain Maven looked out at the city below him. He didn’t need the light that shone from his staff, or his cup, to see the city at this time of night; Ottawa was full of its own light. Streetlamps shone like fireflies… Continue Reading “Captain Maven and the Shadow Man – Chapter One”

Captain Maven to the Rescue!

I love the holiday season. It’s so full of light and joy, even in these times. I normally give away a holiday tale during this time of year as a gift to my readers, but this year I wanted to do something a little… Continue Reading “Captain Maven to the Rescue!”

FREE HOLIDAY NOVELLA: A Very Tarot Christmas

Hey Everyone! I’m so excited for you all to read my new holiday novella A Very Tarot Christmas! I write one every year as a gift to all of you for following me along on my journey and as a thank you for reading… Continue Reading “FREE HOLIDAY NOVELLA: A Very Tarot Christmas”

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