Tag: Science Fiction

Small Rituals – A Flash Fiction Story

Sian stared at the castle. It took over the sky and could almost block out the sun. It seemed to grow larger every year. Sian knew the truth. She approached the bridge that crossed the moat. The drones appeared, sliding into vision when they…

When the Night is Done – A Short Story

“I don’t see what the problem is, darling.” I looked at my mother and tried to convey how angry I was with a simple look. I was obviously failing at it as she was giving me a look of confusion. Finally, I said “You…

The Light Within – A Flash Fiction Story

When he flew low enough, he could see the clouds. Or what was left of them at any rate. The planet below him was covered in red fog that seemed to pulse along with a light that sat within it. It looked as if…

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