Tag: Spirits

The Magic Man – A Short Story

Once upon a time, in the village of Inglewood Hamlet, there was a boy who sold magical trinkets in the market. These trinkets were of a strange and wonderous variety: a locket that held a wish that was different for each person who opened…

Whichever Life – A Short Story

When they drove up the gravel pathway, the wind howled. The complex sat atop a hill at the end of the path. Even from this distance away, it looked strangely foreboding. Jaxon reached over and squeezed Maxwell’s thigh. He put his hand on top…

On a Crowes Wing – A Short Story

It was the crows he noticed first. He’d been on the road for a few hours and was getting tired. He only had another hour to drive before he reached the hotel but he had to stop and stretch his legs. When he saw…

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