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Stuck With You by ‘Nathan Burgoine – A Book Review

Ben isn’t having any of it. When his cell phone is broken while he is visiting his father, Ben survives by sheer will alone. Unable to text his mother or his friends for three weeks has put Ben in a bit of a foul… Continue Reading “Stuck With You by ‘Nathan Burgoine – A Book Review”

Some Halloween Treats! – New Releases!

Hey Everyone, Check it out, it’s October, right? Well, there are lots of tricks and treats going on around here. I’ll probably dress up as Harry Potter again, but that’s another story all together. My upcoming release is included in Freaky Flashes. It is… Continue Reading “Some Halloween Treats! – New Releases!”

TRAIN – A Novel

Hey Everyone! I’ve got something fun for you to check out. It’s my new serial novel titled Train. What is Train? Well… We all travel. We all get to where we are going in some way. Train is a novel that covers the outbreak… Continue Reading “TRAIN – A Novel”

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