The Deep Woods Book Two: Night of Air

Hey Everyone!

It’s finally out! The Deep Woods Book Two: Night of Air, has been released by Cobblestone Press! Sweet! I’m so thrilled that the second book in this trilogy has arrived as I think it’s some of my best romance work to date. It’s also the hottest trilogy that I’ve ever written!

There are two good things to keep in mind: I wrote the whole trilogy together and submitted it together, so the wait won’t be too long. AND the trilogy freaking rocks. Magic, lore, possibly the hottest book I have EVER written, which means that this trilogy as a whole is off the charts.

I mean, really? What more could you want for  $0.99? Here’s a bit about the novella Night of Air:

It is the year 1692.

Nicolas has been able to experience a dream come true, finally having the man he most wants: his best friend Jackson.

However, there is a price. Nicolas is to be inducted into an order of men responsible for protecting the earth. While Nicolas is able to lie with Jackson and be his mate, he must complete a task before his magic can take hold completely within him.

He must have sex with the rest of the men who protect the world.

Will Nicolas give himself willingly to others, having only recently found his heart’s desire?

You can get your copy of The Deep Woods Book One: Night of Leaves here:

You can get your copy of The Deep Woods Book Two: Night of Air here:



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