The Freaky Flashes Blog Tour!

Hey Everyone!

Check it out! I’m going on tour! Well, a virtual one at any rate and that is just as cool. It’s to promote the anthology FREAKY FLASHES, available now from Breathless Press.  The anthology features my freaky flash titled Reaping Darkness, which follows Reaping Shadows (also available from Breathless Press).

Here’s where you’ll learn more about FREAKY FLASHES throughout the week:

November 26:  The Divas of Desire
November 26:  Reviews by Molly 
November 27:  Queen of the Night Reviews
November 27:  Christine Young Romance Writer
November 28:  SnifferWalk 
November 29:  Wicked Readings By Tawania
November 30:  My Reading Obsession
November 30:  Tamaria Soana

I’ll be checking in and saying hello when I can as the week goes on, so make sure to stop by the blogs and read to your heart’s content. I DO still have five free copies to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to win a copy. First give to leave a comment win! Sweet!

You can get your copy of Reaping Shadows Here:

And you can get your copy of Reaping Darkness, contained in the Freaky Flashes Anthology, here:


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