Sophie’s Choice is Published! Read the eBook for FREE!

Hey Everyone!

I’m pleased as punch that Sophie’s Choice, my first book for children, has been released by Wolf Flow Press!

Originally written for a college assignment, while I was going through edits and revisions I gave the story to read to people I knew who had children ages 6-10. The response was overwhelming. Everyone asked when it was going to be a real book.

It was thrilling for me that children were responding to the little book so well. Their want for a real book of Sophie’s Choice helped me to decide to make that dream a reality. And now Sophie’s Choice is published!

You can get your eBook copy for $0.99 here:

And you can get Sophie’s Choice in paperback for $6.99 here:

But what is Sophie’s Choice about you ask? Well, here’s a bit about this young reader’s chapter book:

Sophie is a little Chihuahua who wants to explore the world around her. The only problem is she does not know what it is like beyond her backyard gate.

One day she escapes and learns that the world is not what she thought it was. Along the way, Sophie meets Anastasia, a girl who rescues her.

They both have to learn something important and only love can help. Won’t you join Sophie?

To celebrate the release of Sophie’s Choice, Wolf Flow Press is giving away most of its previous publications free for five days!

You can get your copies here:

Brave Animals:

Light in the City of Shadows:

When Love Blooms:

Mall of the Dolls:


Talking Poems:

That’s SIX FREE EBOOKS! How cool is that? Now, these aren’t children’s books, but they’re FREE! Wooot!

And just in case you want to try out Sophie’s Choice before getting a copy for your little one, the eBook edition of Sophie’s Choice is currently FREE for five days! So that’s SEVEN FREE EBOOKS! Sweet!

You can get your eBook copy of Sophie’s Choice here:

If you enjoy it, consider getting yourself a paperback copy to share with your child, or to read for yourself! You can get the paperback copy of Sophie’s Choice here:

Super cool!

I do hope you enjoy Sophie’s Choice. If you DO read the eBook or the Paperback, feel free to leave a review or let me know your thoughts about the chapter book!


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