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Free eBooks to Alleviate boredom!

It’s an odd time right now. We are all socially isolated in our homes and boredom is already setting in after a weeks time. To counteract the boredom, I’m offering a large selection of my ebooks for free. These books will be free for… Continue Reading “Free eBooks to Alleviate boredom!”

Do you believe in Magyk?

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I’m a bit obsessive about books. Not only do I read anything and everything (with Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance and Magic Realism being favourite genres), I also collect books. I have signed first editions,… Continue Reading “Do you believe in Magyk?”

Sophie’s Choice is Published! Read the eBook for FREE!

Hey Everyone! I’m pleased as punch that Sophie’s Choice, my first book for children, has been released by Wolf Flow Press! Originally written for a college assignment, while I was going through edits and revisions I gave the story to read to people I… Continue Reading “Sophie’s Choice is Published! Read the eBook for FREE!”

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