Dawning of the Dead – Free eBook Prequel!

Dawning of the Dead Cover 2

Hey Everyone!

Check it out! My zombie novel In the Dead of Night releases tomorrow from Breathless Press! To celebrate, I thought I’d do something fun. What is that, you ask?

A FREE EBOOK PREQUEL! It’s titled Dawning of the Dead and runs just over three thousand words. For those of you who don’t have eReaders, don’t worry. You can read the novella online at Wattpad here:


And for those of you who do have an eReader, why not download the eBook at Smashwords here:


Here’s a little bit about Dawning of the Dead:

Ikarus Kane’s life has turned into something out of a nightmare. After a horrific car crash, he wakes in the hospital to find the world he knows greatly changed. There are no people roaming the streets, only the hungry dead that feast on flesh. Human civilization as he knows it is gone. All that exists is the need to survive. What Ikarus doesn’t know is that he spent nine years in a coma. All that exists now is survival. It’s either fight or be eaten and only the strong will prevail. And Ikarus is about to learn of his destiny in this new dark world, in the dead of night… Dawning of the Dead is a prequel novella that is free to read. However, it’s only the beginning of Ikarus’ adventure. Find out what happens before Ikarus’ adventure begins with In the Dead of Night, available from Breathless Press.

Even cooler? The eBook includes the first chapter of In the Dead of Night! Woohooo!

And if you wan to continue the zombie action, why not pre-order In the Dead of Night here:


More news coming tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy Dawning of the Dead!


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