In the Dead of Night – AVAILABLE NOW!

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Hey Everyone!

I’m super thrilled that my post apocalyptic zombie romance novel, In the Dead of Night, is available now! I’m so thrilled that the novel has finally been released, it’s one of my favourite works and that’s saying something!

Here’s a bit about In the Dead of Night:

Ikarus remembers nothing.

One moment there was darkness and the next, there was light. However, Ikarus Kane remembered nothing.

The world he knew is gone. Waking from a coma, he finds the world as he knew it greatly changed. It is now infested with the living dead. Ikarus has one choice: find shelter and hide or risk becoming one of them.

He finds shelter in an abandoned bed and breakfast. But there is someone there already. Mikhail Jones is a man who has survived more than just the zombie apocalypse. There is something about him that sets Ikarus’ body on fire and, despite knowing him only moments, he wants Mikahil desperately.

Ikarus is more powerful than he knows, however. Ikarus and Mikhail become entangled in a fight for survival where only they can save the world; only they don’t know it yet. They are part of an ancient prophecy that has been set in motion.

When they find a woman named Ruthe in one of the bedrooms upstairs, with no memory of how she got there, things are only beginning to get interesting.

In a desperate race to find answers, Ikarus and Mikhail cling to the only thing that feels right: each other.

They will need the love that blooms between them if they are all to survive the night…

You can get your copy here:

It’s a full length novel and it’ll only cost you $3.19! That’s less than a latte at Starbucks! Why not treat yourself and a friend too?

And while you’re at it, make sure to download the free eBook prequel, Dawning of the Dead! You can read it online here: 

Or download the eBook here:

Coming soon: the book trailer! And even cooler, there will be a sequel titled In the Light of Day! But that’s a ways off yet as I have to write it. LOL

So download your copy of In the Dead of Night here:

and enjoy!

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