Three New Poems for Free Download!

Talking SeriallyHey Everyone!

Tree new poems are available for free download for Talking Serially! You can check it out over at my web site at The three new poems are Sometimes/Words, The Casual Vacancy and Snippet Bees.

Someone asked me the other day: why serial poetry?

Well, I wanted to try something different. People love short novellas and eBooks (look at the success of Margaret Atwood’s Positron Series from Byliner). I already give away free eBooks and novellas, but I’ve never given away poetry before. Hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?

I figured people could download the poems and just enjoy them as a short break from daily life or the wait in a line up. I really pictured a bus for this collection, hence the running theme of busses and the cover. The poems could be good for a quick wait at a bus stop, or during a quick ride in a bus.

You can also check out the rough cuts over at WattPadd for free here:

Or you can read Talking Poems on the WattPad app on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Google device, or Blackberry via the WattPad app here:

As well, you can get the current edition of the eBook here:

Whichever way you are enjoying Talking Poems, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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