The Accidental Trees: Mixed Media on Canvass

I didn’t mean to start another triptych. The idea with my newer canvasses was to use ones that I’d already done and reuse them, paint over what is already there to make something different. Carrie, 1Q84 (The only new one in this bunch) and Harry started this way and became the Icon Triptych.

The trees were never supposed to happen. I’ve grouped the three previous canvasses together as they are some of the first canvasses that I’ve done to use oil paint. I explored with a new medium. I knew I wanted to work on something different.

I have done a great many abstract canvasses over the years. You can see them as the backgrounds of newer canvasses when I ran out of oil paint. Carrie took up a lot of what I had, but I really just wanted to try it.

The last canvass to have oil paint, indeed, the last canvass I worked on, was Harry, just in time for Halloween of last year. To say that the last few weeks have been about learning to do things differently is putting it mildly.

As I ran out of paint, I began to wonder what I could do with a canvass, now that the other medium was taken away, left knowing I wanted to try something different?

I know that one of arts’ primary functions (and I’m talking ANY art here, whether it be singing, dancing, writing, playing the guitar, taking a picture, making a picture, doing your thing-whatever you do, that is your passion) is to reach out and touch the audience. On the other side, it is the hope that the reader, viewer, observer, is touched by you.

I simply wanted to try something different. I’ve painted abstract scenes and blue women for years. I don’t know why she kept popping up. Must be all my Goddess energy. It’s the only reason I can think of.

So when the paint was gone, I waited to want to do a canvass. Everyone who creates knows that it is wonderful, but also a rather slow process sometimes to convey everything you want to on the paper or canvass (in my case). I never do.

I see stories and paintings in my head. The stories, I’ve gotten pretty good with. The pictures? I’m having fun, learning about art and different styles of it, what colour is capable of, what you can do with texture, etc. I’m learning, but I’m having fun.

The first tree I did for SB for what is commonly referred to as V Day. And no, not that one. The other one, with hearts.

The other two just simply followed. They are PoeTree, Love Tree and the Adverb Tree. There’s more hob-knobbing and theory behind each peace (at least for me), but I will save that for another day. For now, here is the set:

Poem TreeThe Love TreeThe Adverb Tree

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