Books We Love…and books I love, too!

The Ravens CurseAmazing news! Great way to start off a post, right?

My fabulous publisher, Books We Love, has transfered all their books to Amazon! So that means if you’ve got a Kindle, you can now read the following of my books:

Hope Falls: Season One

Hope Falls Season Two: Eagle Valley

Hope Falls Season Three: Dragons Cove

The Raven’s Curse

Witchcraft and Anchovies

Electric PinkHope Falls

Electric Blue

Each of these books is only $2.99! Why, you can get more than one if you feel like it!

And you can even get a copy of the Jamieson Wolf Special Edition, wich contains Hope Falls: Season One, The Raven’s Curse and Witchcraft and Anchovies for $4.99! How awesome is that, you get one book for free!

You can check them out here:

The great thing is that these are books I love. Electric Pink and Electric Blue and the Hope Falls Trilogy are some of the earliest books I ever wrote. I’m so thrilled that they have a home with Books We Love and that I now get to share them with all of you.

Check this out to read a bunch of fabulous reviews for The Raven’s Curse and download some free eBooks too!


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