Bjork Over Beer – A Poem

She sat across from me,bjork-in-concert

the sparkles under her eyes

catching the light like

little stars that brightened

and faded as the light

shone on them

“When I saw you this summer at the Bjork concert, you were so different than how you used to be. You were soft spoken and mild mannered.”

I remembered.

I took a sip of beer,

it’s darkness in contrast

to the brightness I

held inside of me.

“I was a different person then. I was bogged down with everything, with how to handle it, with what my life had become.”

She looked at me

over the rim of her glass,

“What changed for you? I mean, now you’re who you were, you’re swearing, you have life in you again, you’ve got it going on and you’re back to your fabulous self.”

I thought about it

for a moment,

unsure how to articulate

what I wanted to say.

“I had two choices. I could wallow and give up, or I could live. I chose to live. I’m a different person now, but so much better for it.”

She clinked my glass,

the sound like bells

and I wondered if an angel

would get it’s wings.

“I’ll drink to that. It’s good to have you back.”

I smiled and drank,

the beer cool in my throat.

“It’s good to be back. I’m not going to go away again.”

I took another sip of beer

and thought about how

my life had changed.

I realised then that

the lightness inside of me

had a name. It was


and I promised myself

that I would always carry

it with me.

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