Petals on the Wind – A Poem


Dedicated to Heather for her help and wisdom with the flowers.


I clicked on the computer. It

powered on but it wasn’t my

home screen that appeared.

Instead it was a sea of flowers:

apple blossoms,





and orchids.

They glowed for

a moment, brightening

the screen. There was a

buzz of electricity,

a blue spark.

As I watched

the flowers began

to slide out

from under the glass.

A breeze came with them

and blew the flower petals

around my room. They

swirled around me,

and I stood in a

whirlwind of colour.

The petals slipped

out of an open window

and I ran after them,

leaving my apartment

and going out

into the light.

The petals were

were waiting for me.

As I approached them,

they began to

flow around me,

pulsing with light

and warmth. They

began to dance

away from me,

and flew to the sky,

forming a long, straight line,

with a point at the end,

a long plume of colour

on a canvass of

clear blue sky.

A few of them remained,

floating around me

like a wish in the air

after it has been spoken.

I followed the arrow

in the sky

to a meadow that

I had never seen before.

It was covered in flowers

of the same

jewel like hues.

Standing in the

middle of the

meadow was


When I went

closer to


and took your hand

in mine, the flower petals

moved and surged around

us, pulsing with

light, matched only

by the brightness

that shone from

inside of


2 Comments on “Petals on the Wind – A Poem

  1. Glad you liked it Diane! Yes, it kind of came out of a dream and something wonderful, so I wanted to reflect that in the poem. 🙂

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