Talking to the Sky receives its first review!

Talking to the SkyHey Everyone!I’m super excited! Talking to the Sky has received its first review!

While I work on formatting the print edition, feast your eyes on this! I couldn’t be happier with the review and my thanks go out to Elaine who is lovely (and obviously knows a good book when she reads one! LOL)

*     *     *

This is a different and yet very special book of poetry by Jamieson Wolf, when life hit him with a health and medical wakeup call. For a month in 2013, he was without his writer’s voice when nothing would come out. This book is his successful attempt in gaining that voice back, using an interesting media…poetry. It has been seen as a breakthrough moment in his writing career as a divergence from his ordinary genre, but no less unusual and thought provoking at the same time. He excels at this genre also.

This is a work of integrity with a sense of completion, not only another step in one’s career, but working through life’s experiences with its up and downs. This shows us that not only can someone still achieve anything they want and strive for, but with enough work, they can even excel at it, be it in another form or subject matter.

I loved this book. Poetry is very forgiving in its many forms. That being said, this is a uniquely written form, in that it has more than one voice. The poems are also interestingly typeset so that all the different voices prevail to be heard. This is primarily written from an observer, with its many voices of conversation, as snippets give us a particular slice of life, usually observed among public transportation and its riders.

You may notice a few Tarot Card references in his poems that gives the reader insight into Wolf’s world that brings an added degree of depth and measure to his work. TALKING TO THE SKY is not your average book of poems. It is life in all its reality and can be gritty at times but shows us the many different sides to the human spirit. If you expect to read with just love poems, you will find that this is not that at all.

So expect the unexpected and be pleasantly surprised. Keep an open mind and heart and travel along with this author on a journey through life. Experience with him just what he has been living with and through this last year. I challenge you to change your thinking and attitude with this book.

Bring on the adventure as you travel him and get Talking to the Sky yourself.

Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by Elaine Breault

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