Some Winter Heat

Adicktion 2x3Need something to heat up a cold winters night?

Why not get your hands on a copy of Ad-dikc-tion? It’s on sale from the amazing folks at Breathless Press! Normally $5.99, you’ll get 14 tales of male obsession for $0.99! That’s a huge saving and a really big savings! And yes, the double entente is implied.

It contains the first two novels in my Hard Saga: Hard and Hardening. They were a surprise for me. I had submitted Hard to them as a potential free read. They came back and offered me something quite different.

They wanted Hard to be the lead title in their m/m romance line. It went on to become my first number one best selling novella. It went on to spawn five more books: Hardening, Harder, Hard Glory and Hardest. The series told the story of Owen and Daniel, two men who meet in their youth and it’s instant attraction. It takes them a while to get it right, however.

It’s a series of books that is actually one story, just told in five episodes. It’s a story of two men who’ve left true love behind, only to find it again in the most unlikely of circumstances. The novel’s also contain some of the hottest gay man on man love scenes I’ve written. It starts of tame at first, but by Hardest, you’re in for a hot time indeed!

What’s amazing is that in Ad-dic-tion is that it’s an anthology of 14 stories, you don’t just get hard, you get hot too! How awesome is that?

Ad-dick-tion is on sale on Friday! Get your copy here:

If that doesn’t heat up your winter, I don’t know what will!

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