When You Became We – A Poem

IMG-20140216-01272 (1)Hey Everyone!

It’s my Wonder Parents wedding anniversary today!

Here’s a picture of them on their wedding day. I wanted to do something for the both of them to celebrate the day they got married and started on their journey together.

Today is a day to celebrate your love and the bond you forged.

I love you Wonder Mom and Wonder Dad.

Love and Huggles to you both.

When You Became We

I remember the day

you both said those

two words.

They seem so simple,

so easy to say

but they invoked

the most powerful

magic that is

still felt today.

Those words gave

one you a husband and

one of you a wife.

Those words declared

to the world

that you were meant

to be together,

that you were soul mates.

Your love has grown

from a small seed to

something that continues

to grow, as if it were

a tree that is

reaching for the sky.

The tree grows

larger and more full

with every year

that passes

and it all started

when You

became We

and the magic

of your love

started to grow.

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