Lady Made of Stars – A Poem

I’m walking in the dark.Star card

The dusk has left and

evening has finally come,

bringing the stars with it.

As I looked at the stars,

I watched one arc through

the dark purple sky towards me.

I thought for sure

the star would veer onto

another course, but it

continued to grow bigger

until it reached the ground.

As it came closer, it grew

so bright that I had

to cover my eyes.

When I opened them again,

she was standing there

in front of me, her skin

made of stars

full of light that

caused the darkness hide.

She motioned to me,

wanting me to follow her.

I did this without question,

trusting the hope

she filled me with, knowing

that she would guide me

along the right path.

She stopped and

picked an iris flower,

handing it out to me.

I took it and immediately

felt lighter, as if she

had given me some

of her light.

She pointed to the path

ahead of me and nodded,

as if to say that I was

going the right way.

She smiled then

and I knew whatever

I found at the end

of the path

would be good

and full of her light.

She blew me a kiss

and I watched as

stardust flew though the air

sparkling in the

half light of evening.

Where it touched me,

I saw light bloom.

Then she began to

grow brilliantly,

until I had to

cover my eyes once more.

When I opened them

she was gone but

star in the sky seemed

to glow brighter

than all the rest.

Looking into the sky,

I began to follow it,

letting the star

guide me home.


* For the amazing Christine who truly is a Star.

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