Magic and Mannequins – A Poem

I passed by the store windowfashion-mannequins-22207043

and for a moment thought

the mannequin’s were real people.

I wondered why they were

stuck behind the glass.

Then it occurred to me

what they were, that

they weren’t real,

no matter how lifelike

they looked. I was about to

keep walking when one of

the mannequin’s winked at me.

I stared, thinking I had

imagined it. She was pretty,

with a short blond bob,

her eyes covered with

blue eye shadow that

made her grey eyes sparkle.

She winked at me again

and one of her fingers

wiggled at me, telling me

to come closer. Swallowing

my fear, I went into the store.

It smelled of honeysuckle

and roses. A kindly woman

stood behind the counter.

How may I help you sir?

Her voice was like music

and had a lilt to it that

I couldn’t recognize.

I’m sorry, this is going to sound nuts, but-

One of the ladies winked at you, didn’t they?

She said this with a smile,

as if it were an everyday occurrence.

How did you know?

Oh, they wink at people who need the most assistance.

What kind of assistance?

Oh, all kinds of things. Lost keys, lost hearts, lost dreams. Which one was it that winked at you?

I turned and looked at

the mannequins and pointed

at the one with the blonde bob.

It was her.

Oh, Estelle! She helps those seeking love! She’s delightful. If she’s brought you in here, it won’t take long now. She’s very good.

What do you mean?


A man was walking by the store

and stopped just as I had. He looked

at the blonde haired mannequin, Estelle,

and I watched as she crooked a finger at him.

He was tall with sandy coloured hair

and soft blue eyes. I saw him blink

in surprise and then look at the store.

How does she know he’s someone I’ll fall in love with? Are the mannequins alive?

The woman laughed and it was a sound

that reminded me of the tinkling of bells.

If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.

Try me.


I laughed. Magic? Really?

She smiled. There are all kinds of magic. You just have to be open enough to receive them.

The bell above the door jangled

as the man entered the store.

When he looked at me, a spark

passed between us. It zapped

through the air and heat ran

along my body.

See? She said.


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