Beautiful Leaves – A Poem

The first time I saw you,Leaves-Images

I heard the rustle of leaves.

Looking down at your feet,

I expected to see them there,

covering the floor,

but it was bare.

The first time you took my hand,

I heard the whisper of leaves

and a breeze rose up

around us. It was filled

not with leaves, but

with fractures of light

filling the air like dreams

given physical form.

The first time we kissed,

I once again heard

the crinkle of leaves.

Opening my eyes,

I saw they surrounded us,

fluttering through the air,

as if we were at the centre

of a whirlwind.

When you took your lips

away from mine,

the beautiful leaves

gave a happy sigh,

as if in content and

flew into the wind

away from us.

As they flew up

towards the sky,

so did my heart,

swelling full of wind

infused with wishes

made reality. Letting out

a happy sigh of my own,

I leaned in to kiss you again

and heard only

the sound of wind

and wishes fulfilled.


 * For Michael who is a wish granted. 

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